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A lash story…

BuiCil is a lash & brow bar specialised in eyebrow threading, beauty treatments of eyelash and face for people who like to take care of themselves, enjoy a relaxing moment and feel more beautiful and rejuvenated in a fast, natural and significant way.

Groomed and well-shaped eyebrows to enhance your facial features, lash lift or lash extensions to draw attention to the eyes, facial treatment to rejuvenate and illuminate your skin – these small changes can radically transform and bring out the beauty of any faces.

Imagine being able to leave feeling beautiful and fabulous, without resorting to cosmetic surgery or spending time in a long beauty treatment…


Our mission is to give a little bit of happiness. We are committed to pay particular attention to each of our customers’ feelings the moment they walk in, to provide them with an experience of well-being and fullness so that they feel relaxed, transformed, beautiful and radiant.

It’s now possible to avoid harmful chemicals in most cosmetics, so there’s no reason to sacrifice health for beauty. As such, we use primarily high quality products that don’t have any harmful ingredients.

People may not remember what you did or said but they will always remember how you made them feel.

(Maya Angelou)